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Rocket cannot get the right amount of resources.

Keith Smithee
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Rocket cannot get the right amount of resources.

Please be aware that I am translating from Japanese.

Wrong values are output when the resources available from the star are close to the limit of harvestable amount.

e.g. 例として

A rocket with a cargo of 2000 kg is launched on a star that can collect only about 2000 kg.


As a result, only a small amount of resources is obtained.

It is expected that the star will first collect the available amount when the rocket launches, and distribute the "collectable amount after being pulled" to the cargo during landing.


cargo problem.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Launche the rocket after loading the save data, then wait for the "Instant Build" to force return or land naturally. セーブデータをロード後にロケットを射出して、次に"インスタントビルド"で強制帰還させるか自然に着陸するまで待ってください。
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