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Resource Menu, Sweepy, and load up

Ashely Rose
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First, The resource bar spazzes out and crashes the game. Every time I try to close it out it spazzes out and eventually crashes the Game. 

Second, Sweepy is so cute! However, he sometimes falls or somehow gets separated from his doc. Is there a way the dupes could carry sweepy back to his dock? Or Something? Also When you Deconstruct the dock. Sweepy is still there. Making a new dock doesn't work. Since it just puts out a new sweepy. Is there a way to fix that? Where sweepies can use different docks? or make a dock that doesn't necessarily come with a sweepy?

Finally, Loading up is glitching. Unfortunately, this is weird and tricky. The first game I load up in no-sweat mode. It at first didn't show the planets at all. I thought it was just my computer running slow. I tried to hit customize. Where the sandbox option is. To kinda see if that would fix that. However, it just loaded up without me being able to pick my world or dupes. I Retried again. The second time in no-sweat It allowed me to pick a world. However, as soon as I clicked on the world. It didn't allow me to customize it at all. And completely skipped the picking dupes and naming the colony process.

Steps to Reproduce
Resource Bar-Simply try to close it by clicking the top part of the bar Sweepy-Simply Create a new floor where the sweepy zone is. You could also add a pneumatic door laying on the floor, or a ladder. Loading up-Choose no sweat, then try to load up the game

User Feedback


Is there a way the dupes could carry sweepy back to his dock?

This is already in the latest update, "Duplicant will rescue a stranded Sweepy."


Deconstruct the dock. Sweepy is still there.

This is a known issue and is being addressed :)

If you have the last issue happens consistently when making a world, would you mind posting your output log? This page tells you where to find it.

Also if you have a crash, you can post the log from right after it crashes, and we can take a look.


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