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Resin disappeared for unknown reasons

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Resin disappears for unknown reasons during distillation

Steps to Reproduce

Step1:Set the Hydro Sensor on the left under experiment 52B to below 500kg.

Step2:Resin waiting to be brought in from the distillery at the lower right of Tungsten Volcano

Step3:Isoresin is produced normally at first, but after tens of seconds the resin begins to disappear for no apparent reason and no Isoresin is produced.

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User Feedback

I did load your game without any mods and did not see the problem you explained at first, but after letting it run for some time it started to not produce any isoresin but kept consuming resin. I can confirm your bug in a game without any mods.

I also had (a different) problem with isoresin disappearing after heating the resin when using 10KG per second (full pipe) i now use 1KG per second and heat the resin in the pipe and then release it into to chamber, in this way i have not yet lost any resin/isoresin.

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I also recreated your problem with no mod. Actually I have this problem too , so go to the forum to see if there is any similar bug.


the problem i met was  when I put resin in vapor chamber, it just transform to water with no isoresin. and if i put 100 kg resin, its mass will decrease gradually, at last there is only little resin in that grid, and the mass of isoresin is calculated by the remaining small amount of resin.

here is my archive, the problem appeared when i tested a module.


test9 干饭树.sav

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