Reseting Temperature of Gas in Pipes

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Temperature of hydrogen/gasses in pipes resets. Resulting in exploited cooling/heating and preventing legitimate setups from working.

I set up a loop, as shown in the attached picture, and let it run for a while on speed 3. (not debug speed in case that matters)

The hydrogen warms up to about -170°C but periodically resets to the initial -171.6°C, which it has on loading the game.

However heat is exchanged: The temperature of the water is

Beginning of cycle 3: 97.3°C

Beginning of cycle 4: 97.0°C

Beginning of cycle 5: 96.7°C


Pipe Temp Test Cycle 3.sav

Pipe Temp Test Cycle 4.sav

Pipe Temp Test Cycle 5.sav

Steps to Reproduce
set up a cooling loop/ self evident from the picture. The valve is set at 499.4g/s and the gas is always moving.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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