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Research geyser errand has incorrect priority

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: OSX Pending

A research errand on a geyser is showing up as priority 5 regardless of the actual priority on it.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Load up the attached save file. No need to un-pause.
  • Find Harold on Paixibo, near the Metal Refinery. He's the designated Field Researcher on this planetoid. Check his errands and notice that Research Cool Steam Vent XE23-9 is showing up with a priority of 5.
  • Find the vent in question, up and to the left of Harold. Notice the priority on the vent is set to 6.
  • Set the vent to Top Priority / Yellow Alert. Notice that Harold is still #1 to complete the task, but it is not his Current Errand.
  • Check Harold again. Notice that the priority still shows up as 5, and Harold is continuing his supply chore.



Lunar Space Hut.sav

User Feedback

I discovered today the same Bug, my Dup rather work on Supercomputer with Prio 6 than analyzing Geysir with Prio 8. When I check the Prioority the Geysir has just the Prio 5 despite being on 8 :(

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