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Research Bug for new Space Industrial Update

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When I loaded up the game, I realized that Jobs (in research) had unresearched itself. I still have everything after jobs which is a little weird. Also, I can still use the job board and the water cooler, but I can't place more, because I don't have them in my blueprints. it's not that much trouble to just research jobs again, but it's a little annoying. Plus, what other things might've unresearched themselves. Pls, fix this for future users.20181018193844_1.jpg.f7e017d579ae711a6e2fcfc81ec8a6d2.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
I have no idea. Just load up an old save file, with Jobs researched and the new update. I'm guessing.

User Feedback

Some of the researches were split up in the recent preview and so in the current release. 

There are new tabs (and so more of them), you have not researched, because they are new.

Thats not a bug per definition, but a change in the system, that wont update on fhe fly in an existing save.

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