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Red-alert frees stuck Dupes

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Not 100% sure if this is bug, but:

Once when my Dupe got block built on his head (and thus got stuck) & I went no red alert to quickly free him, them were automatically freed & started breaking the very block that incapacitated him! (his lower-half was free)

Well if it's a bug, I'm going to exploit this while I can!

[sorry for no picture/video/anything. . .]

Steps to Reproduce
1. Have Dupe at ground-level while block is built right where their head is. (Block in my chase was only connected to other block from right-side) 2. Put Red-Alert on 3. Dupe should stop their "stuck" animation. (I had block that imprisoned them at [9]-priority to be destroyed, so Dupe started destroying it)

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