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Random object in wall

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I normally get fully neurotic when it comes to sweeping and building large retaining walls and iv noticed on several occasions this13954442252F4610E816534D1DA3377AA684F834 

these at 3thick granite walls nothing should be able to penetrate.329FF062FD552B6CDC5F30A3BEF1460DE49324DC9CBF511AA182A98051C6DA5882E1CB681F7F1CD0it defiantly wasn't there before.

I have noticed though that sometime an item that is trying to climb onto a newly built object becomes stuck in nearby structures. the second pic has a water bottle stick out of the wall near the pump cant click it cant sweep it but its there just the same.

I'm sending the save as viewable from the first screenshot



Steps to Reproduce
is a random glitch may be associated with building near debris

User Feedback

loaded back into game using that save and it was corrupted had to scroll back one save and the aberration was gone

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and its backA628CB5301569422F304DB4D7E32102BF3240428its just a cycle later from the autosave

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