Radiant pipe overheating damage

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I've set a series of radiant pip with crude oil and ONLY one of them breaks by "overheat"

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I was able to replicate this bug, and its related to natural gas and oil and specific heat specifically, and occurs with volcanoes and natural gas boiling.

NG has specific heat of 2.191, while crude oil has 1.69. High density (>10kg) of NG has a higher thermal mass than 10kg of crude oil. In the screenshots below my 370 degree oil is being HEATED by the higher thermal energy, lower temperature natural gas:

before breaking -


After breaking:


So, here we have 30kg density of 275 degree temperature natural gas boiling 10kg oil to 400 degrees and breaking the pipe.

Here is the save attached:


thermal bug.sav

Steps to reproduce:

1) Load save.

2) Fix broken pipe segment using the debug tool.

3) Paint over 220 Celsius vacuum on the spilled oil using the debug tool.

4) Set thermal sensor on the liquid shutoff to >200 degrees.

5) Watch oil boil to 400 degrees at sub 330 degrees gas.

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