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Q2-307409: dupes idle when sweep jobs are present

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before unpausing look around. on load you will see Lindsay and Mae and see a total of 10 dupes are idle.  out of 12.

you can see immediately there is an electrolyzer waiting to be built (albeit in an invalid location) and if you scroll around a bit
you can see quite a lot of things to be swept up.   in the bottom right corner of the base proper is a container that is still mostly empty
waiting for things :)

every idle dupe has an empty to do list, which makes sense for idle but.. not when there is work to be done.

when you unpause, they will continute to idle around until eventually a schedule change hits or something else.. i've not had patience to sit long.

what i do is change the priority on the storage container to 5 and back to 6.  and presto they all get to work for a short  time.. then back this this mess, which can take a cycle or two or just a few seconds depending on what else is going on.

What I do currently to clear the storage is toggle it to all, them clear that check box.  then copy the settings from the box 'floating' to the left.

Please fix

The Contagious Crashpad.sav

Steps to Reproduce
load the save. observe the lack of errands. toggle the priority of the storage chest. observe them work a bit and then stop.

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