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(Q1-298560) Some Translation and Text Issues

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Known Issue


1. The Restart-Information won't appear if you use (exactly, click) a language pack coming from Workshop. This problem has existed for a long time. By the way, the problem won't happen if you use the official packs.


2. Composts produce dirt rather than fertilizer. It may be misunderstood, though dirt is used as fertilizer.


3. "Auto Inputs" and "Auto Outputs" translations have no effect, here's summary: 

Auto Inputs: Active/Standby, Make Active and Make Inactive (Memory Toggle)

Auto Outputs: Active/Standby, Current Value (Memory Toggle)


4. Some Save information can't be translated.


5. "Forever" can't be translated.


6. The unit in power control station's store can't be seen.

Steps to Reproduce
use language pack or read the texts
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