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q1-298560 - O2 changed to H on its own

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Im not sure if this was posted in the past, but then search yeld no results.

I have one of steam wents cooled by low pressure H. By accident involving forgettng about to turn of gas pump, half of the enclosed room was filled with Oxygen. Wchich was fine, so i decided not to clean it up.

Somewhere during the last 10+ cycles (probably more but still thanks autosave) this situation changed that Oxygen was almost gone from the enclosed space, replaced by Hydrogen. Pressure of H also rised from about 3000 to about 4000, thus after some loading and reloading it was back to ~3000. (Oxygen wasnt there still at amount it was there before.)

I noticed similar behaviour before but that area was not fully enclosed, so I assumed it was just H moving up and pushing other gases out of its space, but it seems like small packet of hydrogen can turn entire room of O2.

Mostly I noticed those changes on loading the game. I have the save files but they be quite big at this point so please do tell if you would like to have them.




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no idea.

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