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  1. Im not sure if this was posted in the past, but then search yeld no results. I have one of steam wents cooled by low pressure H. By accident involving forgettng about to turn of gas pump, half of the enclosed room was filled with Oxygen. Wchich was fine, so i decided not to clean it up. Somewhere during the last 10+ cycles (probably more but still thanks autosave) this situation changed that Oxygen was almost gone from the enclosed space, replaced by Hydrogen. Pressure of H also rised from about 3000 to about 4000, thus after some loading and reloading it was back to ~3000. (Oxygen wasnt there still at amount it was there before.) I noticed similar behaviour before but that area was not fully enclosed, so I assumed it was just H moving up and pushing other gases out of its space, but it seems like small packet of hydrogen can turn entire room of O2. Mostly I noticed those changes on loading the game. I have the save files but they be quite big at this point so please do tell if you would like to have them.
  2. as title says - changed job from artist to master artist for two dupes - one with art intrest one without and they do progress at the same speed.
  3. i recall that in recent updates dupes were disalowed to patch trough map edges to get to other side, which works as intended, but they still can work trough them. see screens. (also the new 5 row build menu is neat but intead 3x5 would 5x3 be possible? its hard to work on edges xD )
  4. should be refined carbon and ceramics instead of coal and clay
  5. after entering rocket while having atmosuit equiped and exiting said rocket, duplicant astronaut still have atmosuit equipped by his status window, but not ingame. then after scalding himself a bit it proceds to nearest dock and leave the unequiped stuit there, ignoring "vacancy only" setting, leaving suit on floor, while also generating "no docks available" messsage as in clearance : always setting.
  6. observed for several cycles, production bulding (in seen case metal refinery) loses its production focus after being disabled and re-enabled by automation grid, meaning one have to change the production orders to 0 and then again to any. when the automation disable/enable happens again, its needed to reset the fabrication orders again. as seen on screenshoti have all the materials and stuff to make prouction go on. it presisted on loadgame, thus im not sure if its just my save. attached save just incase. no workable order.sav
  7. hi. im not sure if this is 'bug', searching found none similar, so im gonna take my chances: everytime there is new pipe tile build - even if not connected to running grid - all the pipe contents in nearby area (hard to observe on bigger scale) get 'reset' (lookls like the dots are skipping tile) and the distribution scheme is reset to begining - which leads to some uneven and unwated outcomes in carefully prepared distribution systems. on the screenshot below - imput valve is set to 1200g/s wchis is the exac amount that 18 berries will drain and not let any water stay in the pipes - it was working like that fine for several cycles - then after i decided to add one more section to the grid made water kinda uneven. This happened on all 3 game speeds. Also i did notice that happening with gas pipes as well, but at that moment i was unsure what was cause. edit: noticed that adding any pipes of any kind anywhere on map produces the same 'reset' for distrubution. build EU-280450.