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q1-296878- fabrication - no worable order after production bulding disabled/enabled by automation grid

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

observed for several cycles, production bulding (in seen case metal refinery) loses its production focus after being disabled and re-enabled by automation grid, meaning one have to change the production orders to 0 and then again to any. when the automation disable/enable happens again, its needed to reset the fabrication orders again. as seen on screenshoti have all the materials and stuff to make prouction go on.

it presisted on loadgame, thus im not sure if its just my save.


attached save just incase.


no workable order.sav

Steps to Reproduce
build production with auttomation control, add fabrication order, wait.

User Feedback

I am getting this exact same bug. I have to add a number to the copper tab for the order to update.It seems to happen every few minutes or so making it difficult to get a good copper refinery going. Any tips to make this work in the meantime?

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