Purple Titles cut off

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The bottle emptier and other structures such as the Textile Loom have their text cut off. For example, the bottle emptier simply says "Bottle" (it previously just said "Bot") in the purple title bar when you select it (See image).

It's not much, but I hope this leads to a slightly better quality of life for the game.

Steps to Reproduce
I'm not confident on what steps it took to create this. I'm simply aware it happened, and will attempt to look for it in the future.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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glad to add that i don't have an issue with truncation but do occasionally have odd word wrap issues on elements.  i cannot even find them now so forget that.  i suspect it is all resolution dependent and will be addressed during polishing



invader alex.. it is early access....  and this isn't EA.


Edited by DaveSatx
i'm on preview branch so.. hey its fixed :)

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