Purchased but Unplayable

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I bought the game today but yet in my steam library it just says tht the game was purchased today , there is no downloading option nor is the a play option . WTF .


Steps to Reproduce
buying the game

User Feedback

If you are on a 32 bit windows, steam will not even let you install it. The game only runs on 64 bit windows. There are no immediate plans for a 32 bit version. So you have to decide between a refund or reinstalling windows with a 64 bit disk if you bought your windows separately. If your windows came with the computer then you'll have to buy a new windows license if you want to go 64 bit.

If however your windows is 64 bit then you'll need to contact Klei directly. http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new

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