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Pufts starve in 20kg PO2 due to game slowdown

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Puft AI depends on game speed. If the game's "AI rate" is too slow, pufts will feed less frequently. Pufts need frequent feeding since they gain only about 10kcal per feeding and lose >3 kcal between feedings when groomed.

Pufts spend a lot of time in their "feeding" animation, but actually only gain calories at the very start of it. They lose calories for most of their feeding animation.

In my 500 cycle game with 25 dupes, tame pufts are no longer able to gain calories at high game speed. They maintain calories when feeding, then lose them when expelling waste.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Spawn tame puft 2. Starve the puft down to ~500 kcal 3. Overload the game so that the AI starts to chug 4. Groom the puft 5. Spawn PO2 atmosphere around puft 6. Watch puft's calories change at high game speed 7. Watch puft's calories at slow game speed
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