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Pufts are inhaling polluted oxygen but the dont "poop out" slime when the are spawned via Sandbox

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When I Spawn in Pufts in an area with a lot of P02 they do the sucking animation but the dont poop no matter how long i wait.

Idk if this is because of the spawning or if all pufts are doing that but its awful :(

Steps to Reproduce
1. Open a new game 2. Turn on Sandbox mode 3. Go to spawCritters>Pufts>Pufts 4. Spawn ´em al in 5. wait

User Feedback

HI @Xontroller,

I wasn't able to reproduce this issue, how many cycles did you wait?  Critters are spawned Wild and eat/poop much more slowly than Tame critters. But if they have enough to eat it should probably be about once per cycle.

If you can provide a save file that shows this issue I can take another look.

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