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Problems with the Power Control Station

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I build a Power Control Station with 3 Coal Generators and 1 (+1 backup) Hydrogen Gens.

* The Engineer install the Microchip and the Hydrogen Gen stopped working (insufficient resource).

* A automatic Battery start/stops the coal gens. That works well. But the engineer wanted to work on the generators stopped working when they were stopped by the automatic battery.

* There is no graphic feedback that the optimization is installed, I don't find a text about the better power output, only 5 kg Microchip is in use.

* The existing microchips that are lying around, should be used before building new ones.

2018-02-11 15_42_44-Greenshot.png

Steps to Reproduce
I destroyed the Hydrogen Generator, build it again, it worked again, untill the chip was installed again.
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User Feedback

Seems that the generators only request chips the moment they are turned on.
Tested the hydrogen generator and it only requested a chip after toggling the building off and back on.

I'd imagine a smart battery constantly toying with the operational state is disrupting this.

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I have this same issue with Coal Generators connected to a smart battery.

Generators never tune up despite a lvl9 priority and active power control station in the room.

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