Problems related to incapacitated duplicants

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Playing with high temperature rooms and buildings I've found that once they become incapacitated, is tricky to save them, as duplicants sometimes drop them trying to climb tiles or even halfway in a ladder, making another duplicant pick them up if they are available, no matter how far they are.

Sometimes this can make incapacitated duplicants stand up and reach safety by themselves even though they are still incapacitated.

Once they reach bed, they will ignore any need or command and will starve or suffocate in bed until their health is full again.

De-assign them from the bed they currently are or activating red alert will make them respond again, but if they have spent enough time they will make a mess immediately.


Steps to Reproduce
Incapacitate a duplicant, assign them to a bed and wait for another duplicant to rescue them, the rescuing duplicant sometimes will drop the rescued one while attempting to climb a tile in a corner, this sometimes will cause the incapacitated duplicant to reach the bed themselves even though they have zero health. Once in bed they will be permanently in bed completely ignoring any biological need.

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