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Priority System Confusion

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Perhaps I'm not understanding the priority system properly, or else it's a bug.  After assigning dupes to jobs -- and verifying they've got the wrench displayed in their priority queue, I often noticed dupes doing other tasks instead of ones available for their career.  

Example:  My cook is often running around sweeping up non-cooking items and taking them to storage when there are tasks assigned to cooking and waiting to be executed.  He seemed to be properly assigned to cooking, and the micro musher had dirt and water to create an infinite number of mush bars.  But none were made because he was busy picking up granite and depositing it into storage.  The cook had the wrench in his priority for cooking, and "highest" priority for tidy.  Felt like wrench and double-arrow are equivalent, as he went off to cook after reducing the priority of tidy to one arrow.  I *did* have sweep set as an 8 while cooking mush bars was set as 7.

I would guess wrench priority would be the highest, and that dupe would execute any cooking tasks available regardless of priority on any other lower priority task category.  A cook would fulfill a priority-1 cooking task before a priority-9 tidy task, even if he had a double-arrow priority on tidying.

Steps to Reproduce
Give a dupe a career in cooking, assign tidy to priority double-arrow. He will perform tidy tasks even if there are cooking tasks pending.

User Feedback

Hi Discogeek. If you hover the the wrench in the priorities screen it should say that errand group is considered "Very High Priority". Similarly, if you hover a double up arrow errand group it should also say that is "Very High Priority".

The difference between the two is that the wrench lets you know the priority was auto-assigned by the system as opposed to manually assigned by you. If that duplicant were ever to change jobs from say being a miner to being a farmer, the priority value on the dig errands would go back to whatever it was before being a miner.

Hope that helps.

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