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Priority seems Broken in the Rancher hot code

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Now I'm not certain any longer about rather it is or isn't only that it seems to not be working correctly, to how the game worked in the past prior to Jobs

Today I had a dup make a mess,  everyone in the colony currently has a Job,   when mopping is set to 5 every one ignored it.. 6 the same 7  still ignored it 8  they finally stopped what they were doing and cleaned it up

I Set a building Job that requires miners builder and helpers I only have a miner and a builder at the moment.  I set it to 7  everyone started working on it but, I also have a job for the same thing set to 6, because I wanted them done in order  my builder and Miner are both busy wasting time running back and forth to do both at the same time, broken  right it sure seems broken to me

BTW your new search to add stuff is borked as all get out  how do I pick from 15 output files the correct one when I CAN"T see the date or time??? in the first media attahments  I normally add both at the same time or game it was created in.  I can get around on my own TY

Temporal Galaxy.sav

Steps to Reproduce
if you play the game and get to jobs set them all working on their given work wait for a Dup to make a Mess.. again the same only this time set the priorities at 6 and 7 and watch what goes on..

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