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Priority Management

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In previous ONI updates, the priority tool worked better.

When using the tool, clicking on a tile makes everything in that tile the chosen priority. That is still the case.

However, when looking at just ventilation, or just plumbing, automation, etc, when using the priority tool it used to affect only the displayed system. i.e. when looking at plumbing systems, the priority tool would only change the priority on pipes or plumbing related items. Now it changes the entire tile.

IMO, it was a much more versatile tool in the past and the loss of functionality is crippling.

Steps to Reproduce
use a system filter and use the priority tool on a tile with multiple items needing a priority.

User Feedback

This is still happening in QoL MK II.

Can we please get this fixed and revert back to the old way of using the priority tool? 

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This still does not work in QOL MK III.

I noticed that the tool has changed in this version, but even with the changes the tool is not as useful as it was in the past.

In the past the tool only changed the priority of power systems when the power overlay was selected, or plumbing pipes and pumps when the pipes overlay was selected. IMHO, this was much more useful than just filtering to "Construction Tasks" because I could prioritize which construction tasks, not all of them.

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