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Priority Levels Aren't Working For Me

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When I am digging and set the priority level to 1-9 or whatever the duplicates still randomly dig wherever, and never take into account the level I've set.  I've waited to see if they need to finish their current job before swapping, but they continue being very random.   I'll upload more photos if needed.


Steps to Reproduce
I've set the levels several times using the Prioritize button (P) and the duplicates don't seem to care what I set anything to.

User Feedback

The dupes are not ignoring your priorities.  The dupes are incapable of doing the higher priority work in your pic example. A dupe will work the highest priority available.


In your picture the dupes can not reach priority 9, Priority 5 is already occupied a by a dupe blocking others from working the further blocks. So the remaining 2 dupes are doing the only remaining job

attached a pic recreating your scenario


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