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Power Usage: Consumed fails to count power taken from batteries/transformers

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The Power Usage report adds to the Added count when a generator generates power, but it only adds to the Removed count when power is removed directly from the generator (by a consumer). This means that any power that's removed from batteries isn't counted; so you can have batteries draining with non-negative Net Power Usage.

I've attached a save showing batteries draining with zero Power Usage: Added, Power Usage: Removed, and Power Usage: Net.

I believe this could be fixed by adding to the report in CircuitManager.PowerFromBatteries:

	private float PowerFromBatteries(float joules_needed, IList<Battery> batteries)
		int num;
		float batteryJoulesAvailable = this.GetBatteryJoulesAvailable(batteries, out num);
		float a = batteryJoulesAvailable * (float)num;
		float num2 = Mathf.Min(a, joules_needed);
      // begin added code
		ReportManager.Instance.ReportValue(ReportManager.ReportType.EnergyCreated, -num2, null);
      // end added code
		joules_needed -= num2;
		float joules = num2 / (float)num;
		for (int i = batteries.Count - num; i < batteries.Count; i++)
			Battery battery = batteries[i];
		return joules_needed;



Steps to Reproduce
Fill some batteries with a generator Disconnect the generator and connect a consumer Watch the Power Usage report no power removed as batteries drain
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