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Power transformers using too much power

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So I have power transformers occasionally drawing more than their maximum power, causing the wires to overload.  This has happened in multiple places, with both small and large transformers.  I should also note that this issue seems to be happening more now that the game is running slower (cycle 552 with 64 duplicants), so maybe a result of lag?


Data Galaxy.sav

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Use power transformers.

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The transformers had a significant rework a few months ago, one of the consequences is that they actually 'draw' power from the upstream side. This means that they only protect the downstream circuit, there still has to be enough capacity and wire thickness on the upstream side to support it.

So in light of that: Am I correct in assuming that in your first screenshot, there is only 7kW load on the downstream side, but all 4 transformers are showing that load and thus applying 28kW to the upstream side? So you're expecting something like the first transformer is at 4kW, the second at 3kW, and the other two at 0kW?

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Actually, wires on both sides of the transformer are breaking, upstream and downstream.  Another example of this happening is where I have two small power transformers charging more than 2kW worth of devices, and having the wires occasionally overload.  Additionally, all power in the map is drawn from one very long Heavy Conductive Wire, which draws its power from 5 Power Transformers, and is constantly overloading.  I tried going down to 4 Power Transformers, which helped but is still overloading constantly.

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