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Power produced does not report solar generation correctly

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The "Power Produced" value in the "Energy" tab of a wire does not accurately report the power generated by a solar panel.  It always reports that the solar panel is either generating nothing (at night) or full power (380W) the rest of the time.  In the attached picture, you can see it is reporting 7.22KW of solar generation (19 solar panels), and a consumption of 4.04KW, yet the Power Stored is decreasing.  This tells me that the actual total power generated is known, it is just not being reported correctly in this field.  The level meter on the solar panel itself also reports the correct generation when you mouse over it.  When the solar panels cut out completely, Power Produced change to zero.



solar panel wrong power generation.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

Create a solar panel, attach a wire, click on the wire and select Energy, then monitor Produced Power.

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