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Pokeshells not attacking dupes - inconsistent behaviour

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I did some test in the sandbox mode to figure out why pokeshells almost never attacked my dupes despite being in the "angry" mood. I spawned a pokeshell and a pinch roe nearby to make it angry. It immidiately attacked a nearby shinebug and after that killed a spawned hatch. But it refused to attack n idle dupe ordered to stand close to it.


As you can see Burt and Jean are idling next to 2 angry pokeshells and aren`t getting attacked. I spawned the second pokeshell to se if a fresh one would target the dupes but no effect. Both attack other critters if i spawn them near. Situation changes after a save and load.


After saving and loading with Burt and Jean inside the pokeshell room they both get attacked but weirdly enough they don`t run and keep idling as they lose hp. I moved them away manually but it got weirder after that.


After i moved Burt and Jean away and spawned a triage cot they both randomly started running. Their reactin to being attacked is super delayed as both would have been incapacitated long before it triggered. In a normal game they would get hit once when passing through a pokeshell zone and then randomly start fleeing in the other corner of the base.


Despite Jean and Burt being attacked Ashkan is again completely ignored by the pokeshells. Seems like the critters only search for dupe targets on load and then stop. In normal games i also had scenarios where pokeshells ignored other critters until save/load but i couldn`t recreate it in sandbox. There is something really messed up with how pokeshells choose what they attack.

Steps to Reproduce

Put a pokeshell in the same room with a pinch roe so it gets "angry".
Order a dupe to move into the room. - dupe gets ignored.
Put another critter in the room. - the critter will get attacked.
Save game with dupes in the same room with an "angry" pokeshell. - on load the dupe will get attacked.
Order a dupe from outside to enter the room. - New dupe will get ignored.

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