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Pneumatic door direction bug on game load.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

After loading the game, my lower pneumatic doors to my hamster generator room refused access to my duplicants that have access to the "default" direction setting.

I am unsure the exact cause but its probably a bug when it saves if you load the bugged doors, it will remain bugged in future doors at that location during future saves unless you reset the default settings or decontruct the door.

I loaded the same game save 3 times and it refused access all 3 times so what ever the problem is, its in the save.

Its possible to regain access by disabling and re-enabling the default directions or giving the specific duplicant their own access to the room (but this doesn't fix the defaults error if you turn off the duplicant specific direction)

Screenshot (155).png

Screenshot (156).png

Steps to Reproduce

The error is in the save process or on loading the game. (save file enclosed)

Dupelication of the Duplicant.sav

User Feedback

Doors bugged its direction itself again (After resetting entry by clicking off and on for default direction).

save file attached

Deleting and recontructing the doors seems to have fixed it (for now?).


Dupelication of the Duplicant.sav


Edit, happened again even after decontructing and reconstructing the doors

Dupelication of the Duplicant.sav

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