Pips can built into tiles

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It is possible for Pips that are on the ceiling when you built a tile there to simply be buried under the tile, at which point they become unable to move and are permanently confined until you deconstruct the tile trapping them. 

I have attempted wrangling out of the tile, but doing so causes them to simply vanish entirely until you deconstruct the tile, at which point the Pips will reappear and drop to the floor in the wrangled state.  It is possible this glitch occurs with dreckos too, or any mob that can climb on the ceiling.

Steps to Reproduce
Simply have you dupes try to build a tile adjacent to a ceiling that currently has a Pip occupying the same spot as a the tile you are building.

User Feedback

As far as I know, this is normal behavior.

Any critter or duplicant can become entombed if a tile or falling sand falls into their occupied tile, though this doesn't hurt hatches if they can unburrow 1 tile up, and shove voles are completely unimpeded.

I did have some odd behavior when using layers of tiles to move a massive quantity of water full of fish, and when deconstructing the tiles after the fish flopped out of the deconstructed tiles.

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