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Phophorite fertilizer is zero despite having tons of phosphorite

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On my current save (QoL MK1), my pincha pepper farm won't fertilize with phosphorite. Hovering over shows that the stores of the agricultural ingredient are 0. However, the resource column shows that I have tons of the stuff. 


Steps to Reproduce
Load sav game attached. Look for pincha pepper farm in the lower right of the colony. They are brown b/c of lack of fertilizer.

User Feedback

Changed Status to Known Issue

Hi @crinis,

The fertilization is delivered to the tile, not the plant, and the tiles are out of reach.  Generally dupes only have a reach of 2 tiles, and your pepper farm files are 4 high, if you were to lower them by 1 tile, or build ladders to reach them, they should get fertilized.

I noticed that dupes will deliver the farming station materials to the plants though, and this is a bit of an odd inconsistency. We'll take a look at it and see if there's something we can to do make this more consistent or clearer what is going on.

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Ah, thanks. The farm tiles are inaccessible to the dupes because I wrapped them in insulation tile to keep the heat in.  The micro-nutrient fertilization, like you noted, is to the plant, not the tile, so I was lead to believe that's how all fertilizer behaved. I will re-design my farm accordingly. Much appreciated.

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