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Permeable Tile, never finishes constructing

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Problem:  Permeable Tile isnt finished after few cycles.

I had this normal tile which i replaced with a Permeable tile.
After a few cycles this tile is still not finished, but it has been stuck on a full yellow construction bar for a while.
The priority of the tile is set to 9
Under the tile are an electral wire and an unbuild gaspipe. 
The dupe kept working on it without finishing it, skipping his sleep and dinner...

The most curious i can find is that it says dig pending in the tooltip


Steps to Reproduce
Build a row of tiles, places wires in the tiles, place gastubes in the tiles then place a permeable tile on top of the unfinished gastubes

User Feedback

I noticed this as well. In my case, had just finished researching gas piping and wanted to replace some tiles with wires right above an algae deoxyidizer with permeable tiles. I paused the game, tagged the tiles for deconstruction, placed the permeable tiles, then resumed the game. The tiles were deconstructed, the wires were deconstructed, and the dupes placed the ore and "built" the permeable tiles. The tiles remained in "Under Construction" until after I saved and reloaded the game -- the dupes had to come back and construct the permeable tiles again before the issue cleared up.

Reproducible in the same way as OP. Let me know if I should move this to a separate issue.

The Scientific Spacestation.sav

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