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Performance after [Game Hotfix] - 474141 is still really bad

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Thank you Klei for fixing the Research tree bug but sadly the overall performance is still really bad.

Day and night difference between BOFA and "previous_version"

There are most likely multipile causes for the very low overall FPS i wish i could do more to help fixing this once and for all.


Provided new save with nothing but 3 dupes and fully explored map

And recently saved older save where i had my small base where the FPS drop was most severe compared to 60~ before the merge update.

+ player logs and Dxdiag

Tested on base game without dlc installed or owned.


Oops i might have messed up when uploading the save files. Should be fine now but

mirror link for the saves just in case:


Player-prev.log Player.log DxDiag.txt

Sirius Expedition Boi 4.sav Test save.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Playing the game

-Progressivley exploring the map / building up a small base

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