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Peeing on floor when i have toilets.

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I have a lavatory for them to pee in and make them less stressed and an outhouse incase the lavatory is in use. But my people are still peeing on the floor when even BOTH are not occupied. I haven't disabled them in any way and i've got water going into the lavatory and pee going out of the lavatory. Please help, or fix. I double checked the problem and now it says it's occupied. There is no one even inside.

If you read this, have a nice day.

Steps to Reproduce
I we'ren't doing anything, i haven't unchecked them for going peeing and i haven't toggled red aleart.

User Feedback

I had this problem as well. What seemed to happen was my lavatory's state didn't save properly between save/loads and so when I loaded up the game, all 3 of my lavatories were "in use" despite not being used at all. They went ignored and my whole base was full of dupe messes. I had to destroy and rebuild the lavatories before they worked again, simply disabling didn't cut it.

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