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Pause game doesn't

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There are at least three places in which there should be a cessation of CPU loading from gameplay: load/save file, options menu, and pause in the pause/go selection. I can understand some CPU loading while editing the environment while paused, however shouldn't that limited to the requirements editing?

At the very least, there should be a mode where all CPU loading is ceased. This is life in the multitasking environment.

Steps to Reproduce
No need, CPU is continually loaded.

User Feedback

Why should the game use low CPU when loading/saving? It isn't a simple read/write from file and everything's ready, it needs to process the file/data and to restore the game state, recalculate anything that wasn't saved.

As for the other 2 places, it isn't exactly a bug ... could be less, sure, but it doesn't affect gameplay. I doubt they would care much about it.

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