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Oxygen not included temperature bug?

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I made a sample of cooling system and pumped water from geyser directly to cool it down (testing water cooling)
then after some time did alt-tab, after returning water dropped its temperature by 20 degrees, tho i didnt capture it properly unknown.png?width=729&height=410

temperature of sandstone below it is waht you see, tho it began to dissipate exchanging its temperature with water.
ok, this is intresting, ima try again!
Test 2
load few days before, and wait



some time passed.., I alt-tabbed



ok, so maybe alt-tab causes issues?

Test 3


make alt-tab .. Caught IT!


wait, this abyssalite was not supposed to be here



it was higher on the door


no worries, there is no ice to fall in pool, i checked

here`s a video


this is tied to ladders cooling the water


Steps to Reproduce
1) create water cooling system using hydrogen gas pipes 2) make a pool of water 3) position your view so you can see pool of water only 4) at-tab 5) back at game 6)???

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