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Oxydizer tank input field doesn't allow long values

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Oxydizer tank's text input field doesn't allow more then 3 digit input (999 max), yet slider allows up to 2700kg. Slider works fine, but setting limit with slider result in clipped/offset text.


Oxydizer tank always requests 2700Kg of oxydizer regardless of limit set in the field.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Build a rocket with oxydizer tank, click the tank. 2. Drag quantity slider to maximum Observe: it drags from 0 and to 2700kg, at 2700 text is a bit clipped 3. Enter zero into text field. 4. Enter 1000Kg into text field Observe: you can't enter any symbols past 100Kg, yet slider can specify 2700Kg.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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