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Overpressured Vent Gas Deletion

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Overpressured vents are currently deleting gas when there's any sort of gas "fighting" for space over them. If you have, say, a room full of 2kg of Hydrogen (at max pressure for a vent), with a vent coming in and outputting Hydrogen, and two other tiles of Oxygen and CO2 fighting for space over the vent (causing the vent to temporarily no longer be over-pressured), the vent will output Hydrogen and delete the gasses fighting on top of it. This may also be connected to the gas conversion/deletion with Elecrolyzers.

To be clearer, here's some pictures showing exactly what happens, and how serious it is (this happens very rapidly and very easily):



Start with a room full of 2kg of Hydrogen (with hydrogen coming in and the vent at max pressure):


Brush in 2kg of Oxygen and 2kg of CO2 above the vent (can be any amount of gas, but to demonstrate the point...):


Let it run and the gasses will start fighting at the bottom, causing the vent to have room to output again:


After a very, surprisingly, short period of time, both the Oxygen and CO2 are... poof, completely gone and deleted, replaced by Hydrogen:




This seems like a pretty serious issue that could result in a lot of gas just disappearing (esp. near oxygen output vents). Realistically, oxygen output vents deleting other gasses would probably work in the player's favour, but still a relatively serious bug.

Steps to Reproduce
See issue description, following steps as outlined in spoiler causes pretty much 100% replication.

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