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  1. [Game Update] - 217565

    You guys are going fast and furious on the fixes. Can't imagine the crunch you're going through right now. Hope you all survive the process.
  2. Klei treats it's community with more respect than any other studio I've dealt with. Thanks, guys, we appreciate it. Looking forward to early access!!
  3. I believe this is a bug they're trying to track down - you may want to post this in the bug tracker (on this site) with your dxdiag file attached, I suspect they'd appreciate the report.
  4. I haven't had any problems with piping, what kind of issues are you running into?
  5. [Game Update] - 210794

    Well, long term plan-wise, I would think they wouldn't want Hatches eating out of containers simply because you need a way to keep your materials in your base safe. Gives sweeping materials into containers a bit more purpose!
  6. visual c++ 2015

    This thread will resolve the issue, I believe... but you should definitely buy the game:
  7. You can't use them in a planter box, but yes, the storage compactor and deconstructing it works to plant wheezeworts where you'd like. Note that I think it has to be on natural terrain, it can't be on a built tile, in order to grow.
  8. You can still do it! Just need to find other means. I just posted a thread in general discussion on how to make liquid oxygen, I suspect a similar method could be used to make solid oxygen, if you'd like. I'll look into the easiest way to get it to solid form later tonight.
  9. Just as a note, the breaking point of pipes can be raised even further with Abyssalite. Gold Amalgum on pipes is, I believe, +50 degrees limit... Abyssalite provides +2000. You can't use it for the machines, unfortunately, but it's great for pipes. That being said, I can't say for sure on liquids, but on gas piping, if anything state changes (from gas -> liquid) while in a pipe, the pipe will break, no matter what it's temperature limits are. I think that's actually a good thing, causes us to have to improvise other methods to state change things. Already have a solution to get around that for liquid oxygen.
  10. The high gauge wire changes the amount of current the wire can take, it has no effect on temperature. That being said, if a wire is breaking, there's a VERY likely chance it has nothing to do with temperature and everything to do with the amount of current you have on the circuit. Split your wiring into multiple circuits! This is new with this patch, you need to manage your wiring, you can't just connect everything.
  11. Yes!! Great update, very happy to see the game progressing so well.