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  1. Are you sure they were nerfed further? Their power output is dependent on how hungry they are now, even if they're wild, as far as I know. They could just be getting hungrier?
  2. I had this exact same issue, and it was also in nearly the same (or exactly the same?) position above a brine geyser, so it's likely a bug in the POI. Mine unintentionally fixed itself at some point when the underlying snow melted away and my dupes finally decided to explore the tiles on their way by.
  3. There is currently a relatively severe bug with the way Deodorizer is adding to the Colony Report's Oxygen Generation. With the addition of the Sublimation Station, polluted oxygen now counts as "oxygen generated". This is great, especially considering how useful the sublimation station is, but as soon as you add Deodorizers to the mix (to convert their polluted oxygen to oxygen), the oxygen report becomes significantly skewed: Note how Deodorizers consuming Polluted Oxygen and producing Oxygen counts as Oxygen Generation, BUT the polluted oxygen it consumes is NOT counted in the "Oxygen Consumed" column. In reality, with the numbers shown here, I actually only produced about 355kg of oxygen (((390.1 - (327.7 / 0.9)) + 327.7), aka the Deodorizer's conversion cost plus the remaining polluted oxygen unconverted), resulting in a net loss of 33kg of oxygen, but because the polluted oxygen consumed by the Deodorizer isn't included in consumed, the report thinks I had a generation of +330kg. This nearly killed my colony, as I didn't realize how low on oxygen I was getting until I actually happened to look at the tiles myself. No warnings popped up, and I thought I was generating a healthy amount of oxygen. I'd suggest one of two things: 1) Deodorizer continues to show oxygen produced, but also shows oxygen consumed 2) Remove the oxygen produced by Deodorizer, and properly show the oxygen removed by the conversion cost (10%) in consumed oxygen Either way, I was surprised how much such a small bug could affect a colony, hit me pretty hard.
  4. Attempted to look at a couple other information panels (such as priority, research, skills, etc) while I had the printing pod's "print" dialog up, and found that the static images were rendering over them (duplicant animated images were not) - see the Brine and Shine Bug images below:
  5. I believe this happened in the base game too, and had a few causes (I think the primary cause was a critter eating part of a seed?), still seems like a bug though!
  6. When a sleeping duplicant is woken by another duplicant walking by and sneezing, they get the "Dead Tired: Snoring Friend" debuff, even though snoring had no hand in the cause. There should likely be a separate tooltip/debuff name when caused by sneezing (and perhaps even should not last as long, considering how temporary the wakeup is compared to snoring): Pardon the low quality screenshot, it's from a low quality video of my full session.
  7. With all other building tabs, when no objects in them are researched, they show a research icon over them and are disabled. The Automation tab does not get disabled, and is in fact selectable, popping up an empty building list:
  8. Paused the game immediately after starting a fresh colony with the intent to browse new additions before getting started, and noticed that there was a bubble effect visible through the fog of war while the game was paused. May not be a big deal, but may also reveal information about areas before they're visible to the player, depending on what else may be visible:
  9. Selecting a male duplicant and going to the "Bio" tab shows their gender as "X". Females properly show "F".
  10. Started a new colony and ended up scrapping it within the first cycle, took a look at the Colony Summary for it, and it looks like the buildings section is including point of interest/ruins as "owned buildings". This may not be a big deal, but thought I would report it anyways. I'm attaching the relevant save file, and you can also see it in the screenshot below, which includes conveyer rails, window tiles and mesh tiles in my colony summary (I had nothing but 3 cots and a ladder built):
  11. When looking at the Colony Summary (static image and the visual replay of the colony), visual artifacts (white lines going across the left side of the image) seem to occasionally pop up. In my newest colony, I have two frames with visual artifacts out of about 15: Interestingly enough, looking at the PNGs in the save file folder, they don't seem to have any obvious artifacts, so perhaps it's something in the way the image is loaded/displayed in engine rather than the screenshot that was taken itself? I've attached a zip with the savefile and PNGs here, as well as my log from the play session that played through the affected cycles. If there's any more information I can provide or testing I can do, let me know.
  12. There is a missing "to" in the text in the Swamp Cluster description here: "will need to be prepared refine them" should be "will need to be prepared to refine them".
  13. The search bar at the top of the Diagnostics window (couldn't replicate in the Resources search, but may be an issue there too) is searching for different text than shows up on the visible names of the Diagnostics. The easiest spot to see this is with the "Crops" diagnostic - if you're trying to search for the "Crops" diagnostic, and you type "Crop", nothing shows up: But if you type "Farm", it shows "Crops" properly: As well, it may be stripping whitespace out of the names, as searching for "Work Time" doesn't find anything, but "WorkTime" without a space works.
  14. In the Diagnostics Settings panel, the two column headers ("Diagnostics" and "Status") each have an underscore showing after them in the text: