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overlays not working, no build location preview, load/resume not working

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: OSX Fixed

-none of the overlays are working. some dont show up at all, others remove buildings/plants etc

-when you select an item to build, the preview to choose placement doesn't show up beside the cursor. also when you choose the placement, the blueprint doesn't show up if built over existing terrain. 

- when using a command like dig/deconstruct the icons for pending work does not show up

-cannot load/resume a save game 



Steps to Reproduce

select overlays

try to build an item. try to build an building over existing terrain. 

try to dig out terrain or deconstruct a building or floor tile etc

try to load/resume game

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Hi, just to clarify - is this an issue with the alpha build of Spaced Out! or is it a problem with the base game on the public_testing branch? If it's the former, we have a separate bug forum for Spaced Out! and a known issue for our Mac builds. 

However, if this is happening on the public_testing branch without the alpha dlc installed, that would be very useful info - Thanks for the report!


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Marking this fixed as the issue on the Spaced Out branch has been deployed - let us know if you're seeing these same problems on the public_testing branch - thanks!

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yes i had this problem with Spaced Out! 

Will use the other forum for any further issues,



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