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Other asteroids appear in nonbuildable top part of asteroid

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First the graphical issue:

at the top of my oil asteroid I can see the bottom part of my regolith asteroid. Only some buildings I built there, non of the natural features. A similar thing happens at the side of the asteroid: when I open the "harvest plants" tab, I can see the plants of other asteroids in the fog of war outside of the neutronium wall of a given asteroid. For example my oili asteroid is right to the uranium one (so the plants of the oili appear at the right side FOW at the uranium asteroid).

In itself this would not bother me, I thought it's related to how the game saves the different asteroids, but until it does not have any impact on actual gameplay, fine.


However, a related issue:

I already knew, that if I have an open order (for example digging), and the game autosaves, sometimes a big part of the asteroid gets selected for that order. I wanted to delete 4 ladder segments, but autosave kicked in, and three whole asteroids got selected for all-in destruction. So the game issued a drag-the-area command through several asteroids.





Steps to Reproduce

1. Have a save with several asteroids explored.

2. Either explore the asteroids normally, or use debug mode.

3.a Check the sides of the asteroid while in Harvest mode (Y).

3.b Have buildings at the bottom of asteroids, and check the top, unbuildable part of asteroids for duplicates of the bottom buildings (of other asteroids).

4. Start a dig/deconstruct order just before autosave, don't finish the area selection until the autosave hits. I do not think that this bug happens every time, but happens a fair bit.

5. If the normal autosave bug happens (a large area is selected instead of the intended one) check the other asteroids, whether the selected area affected them as well.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Did I manage to send in this bug report correctly? I am not sure whether it got sent in or not, in the lack of any reply.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

It was sent correctly and is on our list of bugs to fix. I've marked it as a known issue. Thanks!

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A related issue:

in the top part of this asteroid there are no critters at all, I triple checked. No eggs, no fish, no shine bug, nothing.

However when I check the room tab, it shows 30 critters. So it counts critters from other asteroids.

Also it's worth to check the room size, about 100k. This is not possible from one asteroid. In fact, I checked the top room of all asteroids, and 7 out of 9 are connected and share the same room. Only the starting Terra and the cold asteroids are separate.


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Changed Status to Fixed

Note, the bug fixed is the first one mentioned, the one related to the visual bug. Thanks for helping us by creating a bug report <3 

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Cool, thanks! :-)

I guess it will be only in the next update, however I checked, and the current situation is already slightly different, than at the time of my bug-post. Then only solid tiles were present as the visual bug, but currently buildings can appear as well, hopefully everything was solved in the bug-fix :P

(See attached figure from today, Build 537329-5)

The room-bug is still the same, 7 of 9 asteroids share their top part, the starting and the tear-opener asteroid are separate.






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