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Only one shove vole allowed to eat

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Hey all,

I have a shove vole stable, and was dropping regolith into there so they could eat. However, only one of the shove voles are able to eat. It just stays in underneath the chute and eats all the regolith that drops out. Attached is a screenshot showing it's still hungry after 31k of calories. This prevents the other shove voles from eating, and they end up starving to death.

If I install a critter feeder, the same problem happens. It just stays at the feeder eating all the regolith.


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Capture shove voles.
  2. Place in stable.
  3. Drop in regolith from conveyor chute.
  4. One shove vole gets greedy and camps underneath the chute.


User Feedback

That is not a bug, they will eat until they are full of calories which is about 50,000 for a shove vole, they will not move until they hit their max calories. 1 full conveyor rail of regolith feeds about 6 shove voles.


Have a watch of this to get a better understanding 


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