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ONI freezes my computer when I tab out

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This is WIndows 10 and it's an intermittent problem.

Sometimes when I tab out, the world ends. The Windows mouse cursor changes as I move it around the screen but nothing accepts input. If I press control-alt-delete it will sometimes bring up the task manager several minutes later, and if I cancel out I'm fine. Other times I have to reset the computer.

The problem might not be ONI and obviously this is not a good bug report, but I do not experience this while using other software on this computer and so it is probably something worth bringing to your attention at least.

Steps to Reproduce
See description.

User Feedback

Okay, this is a crappy bug report. I get that. But it's a big deal for me because it hard crashed my computer a whole bunch of times, usually when I tabbed out to report a bug.

Here's my life.

I was doing stuff. Then I started playing ONI. Then my computer went to hell.

"Playing ONI" means playing ONI and looking at the ONI wiki and the Klei forums. That's how my life changed. The browser I use is Chrome.


1. ONI is doing this.

2. ONI wiki or Klei forums are doing this, since I never used those before and now I use them a lot.

How to isolate this? I ditched Chrome and now use Firefox.

Haven't had any crashes since then, knock on wood.

It's possible your app doesn't play well with Chrome. If it's just me, great. But maybe other people are having the same problem with Chrome.

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