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One cell is getting -260°C and the heat transfer is stopping in my petroleum boiler

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Hello there, i've got a heat transfer bug between some cells.
A diamond glass cell is getting frozen by the game (I don't know how). Then the heat stop transfering between cells.
The diamond glass is between another diamond glass and a pressure plate. Wich is at contact of the magma like showed on the screenshot below :


This is getting fixed if i reload the game but it will break anyway. (always the same cell getting frozen)
The only way i found to fix it is to put some bridges and pipes between the pressure plate and the working cells like this :


This is not really fixing the issue but it's a fallback solution if the heat transfer get cut from the cells.

Steps to Reproduce

All setup here :







User Feedback

You have conveyor rails that go through that area.

If anything that's being shipped melts inside a tile with nowhere to be released by the game's engine then the tile will shine and have its temperature altered. The second time such event happens will trigger a tile destruction.

Here's some additional material for reference:


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Oh thank you it makes sense now. ❤️
My pipe patches are doing good for now but based on what you say i might have another problem.
I've got another strange thing happening in this setup : I'm injecting 2 000 grams of crude oil and getting 2050~ grams output
This game and its bugs are fascinating me haha

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