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On loading, Liquid Shutoff loses status it was saved with

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I use Liquid Shutoffs regularly for cooling loops and splitting pipes by element or temperature. While playing, they are 100% reliable and behave as expected and the pipes run constantly with no blockages.

But when loading a saved game, the liquid shutoffs frequently "stall" if they had running liquid in them when saved, thinking their pipe is blocked when it isn't. This causes a single packet of liquid to go down the wrong pipe and cause mayhem. Even if there is no other path for the liquid to go down, the shutoff "stall" will put a single empty packet into its output before passing liquid again. Neither behavior -ever- happens when playing regularly, except when loading a save.

Steps to Reproduce

Build a pipe with a liquid shutoff in it. Set up automation to set the Shutoff as On/Green. Fill the pipe with running liquid. Save the game. Load the game and watch the Shutoff behavior in the first second of play after loading.

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