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Old Solar panel didnt work when load a save game

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When i load a save game which have a bunch of solar panel, well they didnt work anymore (no animation its working, and in the energy overlay said they didnt produce energy). But when i build a new solar panel in the new place its working just fine. So i thought well just replace the old one, build new solar panel, but the new solar panel wont work in the same tile, only new solar panel work in the other tile works

Steps to Reproduce
I just play cycle 748, normal game start new from new update

User Feedback

I'm also have the same issue, Under the status for the panel it says it is creating power however under the energy tab (when you click a wire) It shows as 0/380w. 


Enabled instant build to try different setups and here are some screenshots


showing solar panel creating 380W


Energy tab showing them creating 0W, with light overlay.




Newly created solar panel in different tile, creating energy with animation .


I deconstructed the blast doors and window tiles to see if this makes a difference, it did not.

Type of wire connected has no effect.

Tried on a new world with the same results.

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As mentioned here.


Deconstructing and rebuilding the wires gets them working again.

Note: If using instant build to correct the issue you need to do whilst the game is un-paused. Otherwise it doesn't work.



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