Old seeds (co-ordinates) are now broken

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I have a world seed ("co-ordinates") from December and when I try to use it to start a new game it creates a world which looks nothing whatsoever like the world it USED to generate.... Please either fix or tell me how to convert the old seed to the (apparently) new format.

Hopeful Hovel.jpg


Hopeful Hovel Seed.jpg

dump seed.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
The seed is SNDST-A-1209266338-0 and I got it from a text file from December I used it (in January) to create a world which looks like the first picture "Hopeful Hovel" (which reports the same seed) It now creates a world which looks like the second picture "dump" (which still reports the same seed)

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Old seeds, prior to the last DLC are no longer vaild. There was a major upgrade to the engine, and the devs could not prevent it changed the way maps are generated. Everyhing prior to this patch is void. 

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