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Old mods force restart upon opening the game

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I haven't played the game in a while but today I decided I'd give it a try again. Upon starting up the game I get an alert concerning old mods I had installed with the only option being restart the game.1825234688_OxygenNotIncluded2020_04_2811_36_08AM.thumb.png.53f8cd9cf04d74faac19251685784dcd.png

No matter how many times I restart, it won't go away. I tried reinstalling the game but for some reason it continues to happen. If someone could help me with even just finding where mod files are kept so I can delete them that would be great

Steps to Reproduce

I don't know how to reproduce it. it happens upon starting the game

User Feedback

Hello @FlamingxLoopie, welcome to the forums. How old were these mods? If you've previously installed these mods through steamworkshop then the mod folder should be in:


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I last played sometime last year and the mods are probably about 6 months old at least. I found the folder containing the mod I deleted the entire Klei folder as this is the only Klei game I own and I don't care about previous saves. Will let you know if that fixes it

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@FlamingxLoopie you'd probably be ok with just deleting just the MODS folder first and work up from that. Deleting Klei Folder would affect other Klei games that you have (if you have/play them). I advice against that in particular.

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