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[Old bug] Printing pod rerolling

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

  It is by now a well-known behavior that you can reroll what's shown in the printing pod by not selecting anything, saving and reloading the game.

What's unclear to me is if it's a bug or a feature:

  • If it's a feature, it would make sense to have the reroll button that you have when starting a new game to be able to reroll duplicants and care package without the save/load gimmick.
  • If it's a bug, the correct behavior would be to save what's shown in the printing pod in the save-game, so that the pod cannot be rerolled. This can be massively exploited to get "perfect" Dupes, and infinite amounts of any care package offered by the pod usingthis related bug:

Steps to Reproduce
  • Wait for a care package
  • Check what's offered on the printing pod
  • Save the game
  • Reload the save you just created
  • Notice that the choices on the printing pod are not the same.

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