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[Old bug] Care Package duplication

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

This is an old bug that I confirmed is alive and well. Previous bug report:

When a Care Package is selected in the Printing Pod, there is a slight window of time during the Care Package delivery animation when both the Care Package and the delivered item are present in the world.

By saving and reloading during that window, you will keep the already delivered item, but the Care Package will restart its animation, delivering a new copy of the item.

It can be chained by saving/reloading to deliver an infinite amount of the same item.


This can be massively abused to create infinite amounts of items available as care packages, notably (but not limited to):

  • rendering food a non-issue by creating any critter or food item
  • oxygen as well by duplicating algae
  • Steel (or lesser refined metals) can be massively created as soon as a first batch as been created

This is going to be game-breaking for anyone attempting speedruns.

Steps to Reproduce

Find a care package you want, save as soon as the object appears into the world, before the care package vanishes, reload that save, rinse and repeat.

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